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Happy where you live, but don’t love your home? Knock down & rebuild!

Your existing home may be in a fantastic neighbourhood, full of friends, great neighbours, schools and facilities, or in a prime investment area. Knock down rebuilds provide the opportunity to enjoy a modern, custom designed home, with the latest fixtures and features, and that suits all your needs – without the challenges that come with renovations.

Your land may be suitable for a knock down rebuild of an individual home, or a potential subdivision of two or more allotments. Our experienced team at MyHomeBuild will talk you through all the options and practicalities of choosing to demolish and rebuild. We offer a no obligation free consultation to discuss your current situation, your goals and your budget for your knock down rebuild.

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Knock Down Rebuild

Growing family? Changing needs?

Knocking down your house and rebuilding means you can create a brand new home to accommodate your changing needs. Perhaps more office space for working from home, extra bedrooms, a teenager’s or parent’s retreat, or more (or larger) entertaining areas. 

Start your knock down rebuild process by viewing our design portfolio for inspiration and then discuss options with one of our friendly design consultants. We customise our designs to your needs for no extra cost!

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Avoid the risks of renovating –
demolish and rebuild instead

The knock down rebuild process removes the stress and risk associated with renovating and is a much safer choice. The MyHomeBuild team works with you on all aspects of the development, ensuring you’re in control of your timeline, budget and processes, with no hidden surprises. 

Knocking down your existing house and rebuilding offers an opportunity to start afresh, enabling you to create a home that is customised to reflect your lifestyle or investment needs. 

Every home we build is engineered and approved by the National Construction Code (NCC), and so we confidently offer an extended 25-year MyHomeBuild structural guarantee for extra peace of mind. 

Partner with us to develop your portfolio

Knock down rebuilds aren’t just for families. We have versatile and personalised solutions to suit a myriad of situations, from the savvy investor and solo builders to groups of friends, couples with grown children or professionals needing a hybrid office/home environment. 

Adaptable and customisable designs for any block

Our contemporary designs can be customised to suit your block or situation. If you have a challenging slope or an unusual shaped block, our expert team can help you work out the best design for your needs. We offer a range of designs for inspiration, including designs that have been innovatively designed to fit a standard subdivision block, all of which are fully customisable by our clever and experienced designers for your requirements.

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How does MyHomeBuild’s Knock Down Rebuild process work?

Our experience and passion for building means you’ll have a seamless experience through the design, demolish and rebuild stages. We’ll take you from your old house, to your new home in these simple steps:

Your free no obligation consultation

How much does a knock down rebuild cost? You can begin with our free, no obligation consultation to help you decide if a knock down rebuild is right for you. One of our experienced and friendly knock down rebuild team will talk with you about the practicalities and knock down rebuild process, including your land and block type, your budget, your building ideas and goals, and how we work with you every step of the way to realise them.

Land assessment

Our expert consultants assess your land and property. Using your certificate of title, we’ll establish the dimensions of your land and check council and zoning requirements to determine the type of design and build that is suitable for your land.

Demolition and subdivision

Some processes need to be planned and booked months in advance. Our experienced team will make the required arrangements, making sure your timelines and budget are maintained. MyHomeBuild organises pegging plans and subdivision approval lodgement, as well as abolishment of gas, water and electricity services. We’ll arrange the demolition of your house and depending on council requirements, the subdivision to create a Torrens title or community title allotments. We clean the block and if required can also remove asbestos.

Custom design

Our knock down rebuild designers work with you to create a customised design to suit your needs and lifestyle. We discuss your preferred style of home, your block and your living requirements, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and type of living areas you need.

Planning documentation and approvals

Once the floorplans and elevations have been designed, we begin the approval process. We liaise with all parties to create and orchestrate council and development approval, building rules consent, engineering designs for footings, working drawings, structural framing details and energy efficiency reports.

Selections and personalisation

Once you’re happy with your home design and have approval, you can begin adding the truly personalised touches to your home. MyHomeStudio is a showcase home within a studio where you can view our range of interior and exterior inclusions to start visualising and planning your dream home. Proudly South Australian, we’ve collaborated with leading design-driven brands to create inspired interiors. 

You can choose colours and styles of external features such as rendering, stone, roof, gutters and fascias, and internal finishes in your living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms to suit your aesthetics. You’ll be guided through the process of personalising your home with the support and expert advice of our talented interior designers, giving you a clear understanding of what your home will look like when it is built and how much it will cost, so there are no unwelcome surprises.


Upon receipt of all relevant approvals and following demolition of your existing house, we start construction of your new home. MyHomeBuild will bench the site and coordinate all aspects of the build, ensuring a seamless process. You’ll have access to an online client portal allowing you to see the progress of your home during construction.

Move in

The final step in the knock down rebuild process is the most exciting one. You may be greeting the removalists ready to move into your new home, or handing over keys to a new tenant. Either way, it’s time to pop the champagne, sit back and enjoy your new home.

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Have peace of mind and enjoy the knock down rebuild experience

At MyHomeBuild we care about you, we care about building, and we’re ethically responsible. We’re passionate about making a difference and we work and live by these values. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our people and their friendly attitude, warm smiles and enthusiastic spirit.

Our commitment to quality and our success comes from our strong corporate culture and environment of collaboration, integrity and trust. Our team’s passion is reflected in our beautiful and cleverly designed homes, and the dedication and care we show throughout the homebuilding process. Our knock down rebuild packages are designed to suit a variety of situations, and our expert team takes care of everything so you can enjoy creating your special home.

Your free consultation begins here

Your free knock down rebuild consultation begins here

One of our experienced and friendly knock down rebuild team will talk with you about the practicalities and knock down rebuild process, including your land and block type, your budget, your building ideas and goals and how we work with you every step of the way through the demolish and rebuild stages to realise them.

This takes us one step closer to your dream home and enables us to offer you:

  • Advice and expert guidance about the type of home design that will suit your block of land, location and knock down rebuild budget
  • Information and advice about the knock down rebuild process, so you understand how it all works and how to keep within your timeline and budget
  • A complete list of inclusions and possible upgrades, so you’re clear about what is and isn’t included in our home designs and knock down rebuild packages, so there are no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises down the track

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