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So you have land and want to build a house? Congratulations! Buying land and building your own home may appear overwhelming, but the end results are magical. Designing a house from scratch means that your design is unique to you and perfectly suited to your block and lifestyle needs. Customising offers a wide variety of options to include all your luxury elements, latest innovations and technology, adding a truly authentic touch to your home.

There are plenty of decisions to make along the way, but the most important decision to make early on is the builder you partner with to create a home that is perfect for you. Whether it is your first or second home, buying land and building your own home is a major project and represents a significant time and financial investment, so you need to be confident that you’re working with a qualified, experienced team.

Custom builders can help you with every stage of your build, and take care of all of the complicated paperwork, preliminary research and approvals processes. However, it is crucial for you to be involved from the very beginning. Watching your own home taking shape is an incredible experience from all the fun parts of the building process: designing your unique floor plan, choosing your interior and exterior selections, and adding the finer details and finishing touches that turn a house into a home.

Best of all, buying land before building your own home doesn’t exclude you from a MyHomeBuild package. You’ll have access to a knowledgeable team of designers and builders to help make your dream house a reality and we help you every step of the way.

Here are the five things you need to do to get started:

1. Choose your builders

When building a new house, choosing the right builder is an incredibly important decision. They’re the ones who lay the foundations for a high quality, well-made home.

From the foundation and framing, to door handles and other appliances, inclusions define what’s covered in the original build cost and what’s not. A quality building company can be found by looking at their inclusion list – check the brands and suppliers they use, the number of options you have, and remember to check what is included in the base price, versus having to pay extra for. Don’t be fooled that just because a building installs specific luxury finishes and fixtures in its display homes, those are part of the standard inclusions list.

MyHomeBuild’s standard inclusions are other builders’ upgrades. Want to know more about the ins and outs of inclusion lists? Get in touch with us!

Have land want to build house - two people shaking hands over a table with blueprints being weighed down by hard hats.

When you’re designing a house from scratch, you need to choose high quality materials from the outset, not just when it comes to appliances. From the foundations, to the completion of your new home, quality builders only use premium materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring products are compliant to industry standards, offer warranties and are fit for purpose. Take a look at the inclusion lists of home building packages to help you gauge whether you’re investing your money into the right hands.

Ask the company you’ve spoken to about building your new house if they have a structural guarantee; this way, your interests are protected if something goes wrong.

(It’s good to know that MyHomeBuild has a 25-year guarantee on all our home building packages, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re building you a new house that is made to last, as a reputable builder should. Building a new house is a technical endeavour, so it’s important to build with someone you can trust.

2. Get to know your block

No two blocks are the same. Whether you’re buying land and building your own home or you already have land and want to build a house, we recommend you consult with experienced builders before you start planning your perfect home in too much detail as they’re the experts in what sort of home you’re able to build on your block, and the level of preparation your block will need, as certain site characteristics may impact which builder you choose due to their level of experience (e.g. if your block has a significant slope or if it is a more unique shape, size, etc.).

Builders will also know which estate or council building guidelines apply to your land as this could impact your plans. These guidelines play a major role in the design process to ensure each house meets with strict compliance and regulations. For example, you may need to select from a specific library of plans and home building packages, rather than allowing you to design a house from scratch. However, when you work with a custom home builder, such as MyHomeBuild, our team will provide advice and work closely with you to take advantage of your site’s opportunities, taking great care to address any guideline matters to achieve design approval.

3. Create a budget

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the cost to build a house on your own land. Budgets vary greatly depending on the size of your block and the inclusions you choose. However, the good news is that you’ve already got land.

Have you done your research? Defining a realistic, well considered budget is essential, so it is important to talk openly to your builder about the factors which influence the cost of building a new house. If you’re wondering how much it will cost to build a house on your own land? Get in touch with us; we have an extensive portfolio of plans or custom design your own home to suit almost every budget and lifestyle.

Designing a house from scratch - a magnifying glass over a map which shows green grass and a white square where a house is to be built.

4. Start the financing process

Typically, when you already have land and want to build a house, you can finance the build with a separate construction loan. Need help arranging your finances? Contact us, we can take care of that for you too.

5. Start designing

Since you already have land and now want to build a house, you should look for home building packages (as opposed to home and land packages). When designing a house from scratch, custom builders have whole design teams dedicated to designing a plan that suits your block’s size and orientation. You may have already selected a floor plan, but your builder will help make sure the specifics of the design complement the land, letting in light in all the right places and insulating from the weather all year round.

If you want a garden or desire open outdoor space, you’ll need to factor this into your design process and leave room for a backyard as they are not typically included in home building packages. MyHomeBuild includes several designs to include outdoor living alfresco areas. However if your block is smaller or narrower, you may need to consider two storey house designs to maximise on space.

When building a new house, your personal circumstances, privacy and lifestyle decisions can change over time, so planning for not only now, but also for the future is wise. Time spent considering the functionality and practicality of a flexible floor plan will help to create space and purpose fit rooms for a growing family, whilst downsizing to a single story home with storage and low maintenance may be a better match if you’re transitioning into retirement.

Most building companies will have a number of designs to choose from, each one customisable. Speak with them about your space and they can help you create a home that is tailored to your needs.

Want to know more about how the design process works? Contact us to learn more.

A custom builder who creates a personalised building experience guides you through this process with ease. Browse through our customisable designs and start designing a home that’s unique to you.

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