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Need advice on building a new home? Here are our tips for building a new home so you can plan every angle and aspect perfectly.

There’s nothing quite like building your own home from the ground up, but the process itself can be overwhelming. With thorough and meticulous planning, you can make sure every aspect and angle of your new home is tailored to your needs.

Tips for building a new home

Our tips for building a new home start with working out what you don’t know. If you’re building for the first time, it’s unlikely you’re in the know about everything. That’s why partnering with trusted builders in Adelaide is imperative – they’ll bring the experience and you’ll just need to bring the vision!

There’s nothing worse than moving into your brand new house and realising there aren’t enough power points in your bedroom, that you would’ve preferred glazed windows in your bathroom, or that the paint colour in the kitchen looked better in the showroom.

Mistakes made during the building process can be costly and, frighteningly, they’re easy to make if you’re building for the first time – how are you supposed to know what paint colour will look good on the ceiling or how many power points your kitchen needs? This is why advice on building a new home is so important.

Remember, making mistakes when you’re building a house can have lasting major impacts.

A floorplan on a desk being weighted down by a laptop, a pen, glasses and paper. Tips for building a new home for the first time

How much to build a new home?

What’s the best advice on building a new home you love that doesn’t break the bank? The answer is having a realistic and robust budget. Budgeting lets you balance what you want, with what you can actually afford. It all depends on your lifestyle.

Budgeting pushes you to consider your wider circumstances. The price to build a new home varies massively depending on size. So, although you may be able to afford repayments on a four-bedroom house now, you might find yourself tightening the belt loops in a few years, in which case, a three-bedroom house would’ve been the perfect fit financially.

Your budget should include an overflow amount that is added to the price for when things don’t go to plan. This way, you don’t blow your budget or sacrifice your savings because you forgot to include something.

Many buyers looking for tips to building a new home forget to budget for the additional costs that they can come with – NBN, electricity, moving vans and boxes are just some examples.

You also need to consider what’s included in the house and land package, and what’s not. House and land packages are usually designed as one house that can suit many blocks – for this reason, they may not include landscaping, outdoor paving or fencing. There might also be additional council requirements or soil removal that is needed before the build begins.

All these costs will differ across blocks and properties so they’re better left to the discretion of the buyers. That said, it’s important to keep this in the back of your mind, so that when you’re estimating a price to build a new house, you can factor these extra costs into your budget.

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Not sure of the price to build a new home? Get in touch with us; we’ve got something for almost every budget and lifestyle!

Choose the right builders in Adelaide

Adelaide is full of dependable and highly professional builders. Choosing a team you trust is paramount to building your home according to plan, on time and under budget. They’re the people who will literally make or break your house.

Ask for your builder’s credentials and do a reference check – this can be easily conducted through your building company if you’re purchasing a house and land package.

One of the best tips for building a new home is this: communicate with your builder openly and often. Throughout the build, check in on progress to make sure everything is going to plan. The price to build a new home isn’t cheap, it’s a big investment and it pays to keep up-to-date with them. Sometimes it’s inevitable that things go wrong, whether it’s stock constraints, weather or illness, having a line of communication with your builder means you aren’t left in the lurch when the unexpected happens.

Putting a face to the name also goes both ways – if you trust your builder, they’re more likely to recognise this and follow through on their commitment of building your house with care and precision.

Understand the fine print of your agreement

One of the most important pieces of advice on building a new home is to read through your agreement carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask your builder questions – they do this day-in and day-out so they should know the terms of the contract like the back of their hand.

Ask an independent party to look over your contract. Having a second set of eyes on your contract (someone who isn’t invested in the outcome) is a great idea. If you can, ask a lawyer to look over the contract to make sure that you and the builder understand the agreement.

Look into grants for building a new home

If you’re a first home buyer, this is one of the best tips for building a new home: check your eligibility for government grants. Eligibility and grants vary across Australian states so make sure you read the rules in your state. Doing a little bit of research can go a long way here, grants for building a new home could save you thousands of dollars!

We hope these tips for building a new home help you with the planning process. If you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, take a look at our home and land packages, and don’t be afraid to get in touch!

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