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Thinking of building a new home?  We explore the benefits of custom built homes and answer common questions about new build houses

There is a lot to consider when making a decision to build a new home. Building a new home is a big commitment, but new-build houses also come with plenty of lifestyle benefits. To achieve a layout you love, custom built new homes are a popular option for people looking to enter the property market, as well as for those further along the property ladder. Custom home builders like MyHomeBuild enable people to build a new home that makes the most of their investment. 

1. Custom built new homes

Custom built new homes have a standout benefit that’s rare to find in an existing home: a floor plan where every room suits your specific needs. From the customised floor plan through to all the small details, custom building a new home means your house will provide comfort from the moment you walk through the front door. 

A double basin in the master ensuite, power points discreetly located, kids’ bedrooms and giving you the freedom and flexibility to include rooms that can easily be interchanged with your expanding needs. If you wait to find a house with a floor plan that’s exactly what you need, you could be spending your weekends scrolling through the real estate apps for a long time, with no guarantee you won’t be outbid when you do find the perfect property. Building a new home of your own means you can prioritise your family, lifestyle, design preferences and practical needs, providing quality and comfort, rather than weighing up the pros/cons of every house available on the market. 


Browse our designs for inspiration for your own custom new built home

2. Build in a modern community environment 

Building a new home vs buying an existing home could provide a starting point for a wise financial investment. Many people who build a new home are able to secure land in brand new residential areas where property has a strong likelihood of increasing in value through thriving communities, being amongst modern streetscapes and access to parklands and neighbouring custom built new homes. 


Your new custom built home can have all the latest customisations, along with an exciting range of leading brand inclusions. 

3. No hidden surprises

When you’re buying an existing home, you often see a house “dressed” for sale – fresh paint, new carpet, staging furniture, and if you’re lucky, some trendy fixtures and window treatments. What you don’t see may be covering up: old wiring, dated plumbing, a leaky roof and worse, structural issues, fire hazards and toxic substances (asbestos, old paint, etc.). Of course, not every existing home has these issues, but that’s why people do building inspections to make sure they’re aware of any potential red flags that could cost you time and money before bidding at an auction.

When you’re building a new home vs buying an existing home, if you build with a reputable and licenced builder, you have peace of mind that every single aspect of your new home has quality workmanship, is made from the materials that you’ve selected, and that you have the benefit of product warranties (for example, hot water systems and kitchen appliances). MyHomeBuild offers a 25 year structural guarantee on our new-build houses and every home we build is engineered and approved to the National Construction Code (NCC).

4. Avoid stressful renovations

Even if you have a successful building inspection before purchasing an existing house, most home buyers have a wishlist of things they would like to update before they move in. Depending on the market, it can be challenging to renovate your home without over capitalising on its value, and it could be a bit of a gamble knowing how much to spend on renovations, especially if you don’t know how long you’re going to hold on to the property. 


Building a new home can allow you to have a greater control of the total cost of your new house. Locking in a contract with a reputable builder can ensure that you work within your financial means and it allows you to choose where you want to spend your money to build a home that’s uniquely yours. Therefore, because you’ve carefully considered your design options with your lifestyle in mind, it is more likely to prevent the need for any additional renovation requirements.

5. Reduce your bills

In many cases, building a new home vs buying an existing home could mean that you reduce your utility bills because new-build houses tend to be more efficient and need to meet energy rating requirements. 


Modern building techniques, materials and window placements help optimise the energy efficiency of the home. In addition, custom built new homes  allow the opportunity to make smart decisions on the design and layout of your home. Building a home is a great opportunity to install solar panels, which can further reduce your electricity bill. 


Building a new custom home may be a longer process, however it certainly provides the excitement of knowing that your vision is coming to life. Consider taking the next step and booking a consultation with our experienced MyHomeBuild team. They can answer all of your questions, from building time frames to the cost to build a new home. 

If you’ve read this far, chances are you want to build at some point in your life!

Not everyone’s interested in building their own home. However, It’s incredibly satisfying and exciting to turn the key and walk in the front door of your new home – and this feeling is multiplied when it’s a home you’ve dreamed up and designed from the foundations to the rooftop. 

Why not take the next step and book in a consultation with our friendly, experienced MyHomeBuild team to find out more about the building process? They can answer all of your questions, from building time frames to the cost to build a new home.

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